Image Center Retirement

The Image Center is a feature of our original version of where members could purchase credits and buy images individually. Though we now have the library of images as part of the subscription at, we have continued to provide this original collection for those who have already invested in credits. However this image center has slowly become more and more obsolete with the introduction of our new library at the Pazzles Craft Room. So we have decided it is time to retire the Image Center. The Image Center will be shut down on May 31st, 2012.

What does that mean for you?

If you have never used the Image Center, then you have nothing to worry about. Most of our customers have never or no longer use the Image Center so this will only be affecting a small number of people.

What if you DO use it and still have credits to spend?

The Image Center will be shutting down on May 31st so you may continue to use your credits until then. After May 31st you will no longer be able to use the Image Center. You may take any remaining credits that you have and apply them towards a subscription at the Craft Room where you will be able to enjoy our vast library of current images. To have your credits applied towards a Pazzles Craft Room membership please call us at 1-866-729-9537 and choose the extension for customer service. You may apply your credits towards a membership at any time.