Patch 1.3 Released

At Pazzles we work tirelessly to create fixes and upgrades for our customers at no cost. These free patches are offered here at under the Electronic Cutters section of the support page. We believe in supporting and caring for our customers long after their purchase is made. That is why we are releasing Patch 1.3 which offers several new features of tremendous value to our customers that won’t cost you a penny. This is just one more way in which we strive to be the best company we can be to new and old customers alike.

Patch 1.3 (released 09/19/11) Includes the following:
  • • Improvements to the code for cutting circles
  • • Faster updating – this update along with all future updates to the Inspiration Creative Cutter should be significantly faster.
  • • Various minor bug fixes
The following is for Inspiration Studio Pro users only:
  • • SVG Import – SVG files will now import directly in to the Inspiration Studio Pro software.
  • • New Mat Screen View – this feature allows you to turn the “page” on your screen in to a replica of your cutting mat so that you can easily determine where cuts will be on your mat. To turn this feature on go to the the “Setting” drop down menu and select “Page”. In the new window click on the circle next to “Show Cutting Mat” and then click “Ok” at the bottom of the window.
  • • Enhanced Cut Accuracy option – This new toggle-able feature is under “Options” in the Cut Control Panel and will allow you to switch on “Enhanced Cut Accuracy” which for many users will improve scallops, circles, and tight corners.
  • • Improved “Center Line” vectorization – Found under Vectorization in the “Shape” drop down menu, this feature, which is often used for rhinestones or to change a regular font to a single stroke font, will now produce smoother and cleaner lines.
  • • Auto Trace – Intensity Detect will now automatically vectorize your image after selecting “OK” in the Intensity Detect window