Inspiration Creative Cutter


Inspiration Vue or Inspiration Studio Pro 2014 Updates

If you have either the Inspiration Vue or the Inspiration Studio Pro 2014 software you will want to go click here for the most recently updates

Downloads for Pro 2010 and Inspiration firmware

  1. Download the Inspiration file from the link above.
  2. After download is completed double click on the downloaded file.
  3. An “Inspiration Updater” window will open.
  4. Under “Inspiration Creative Cutter Upgrade” click “Upgrade” and follow the onscreen steps.
  5. After the Inspiration upgrade is completed, click on “Install Inspiration Studio Upgrade” and follow the onscreen steps.
  6. After installation is completed click “Exit” on the “Inspiration Updater” window.
This patch includes firmware update for all Inspirations as well as a software update for both the Inspiration Studio and Inspiration Studio PRO software. The update will automatically detect what version of software you are using and install the appropriate patch. Please be sure to do both the firmware and software update.

    The following features are for Inspiration Studio Pro software only:
  • New Mat Screen View – this feature allows you to turn the “page” on your screen in to a replica of your cutting mat so that you can easily determine where cuts will be on your mat. To turn this feature on go to the the “Setting” drop down menu and select “Page”. In the new window click on the circle next to “Show Cutting Mat” and then click “Ok” at the bottom of the window.
  • Enhanced Cut Accuracy option – This new toggle-able feature is under “Options” in the Cut Control Panel and will allow you to switch on “Enhanced Cut Accuracy” which for many users will improve scallops, circles, and tight corners.
  • SVG Import – SVG files will now import directly in to the Inspiration Studio Pro software.
  • Improved “Center Line” vectorization – Found under Vectorization in the “Image” drop down menu, this feature, which is often used for rhinestones or to change a regular font to a single stroke font, will now produce smoother and cleaner lines.
  • Auto Trace – Intensity Detect will now automatically vectorize your image after selecting “OK” in the Intensity Detect window

    Patch Release Notes 1.3.3 (04-30-12):
  • Fixes issue with importing some svg files.

    Patch Release Notes 1.3.2 (12-01-11):
  • Fixed 2 firmware bugs dealing with minimum pressure setting when using maintenance software.

    Patch Release Notes 1.3.1 (10-20-11):
  • Updated firmware maintenance mode options.

    Patch Release Notes 1.3.0 (09-22-11):
  • Updater tweaks to reduce cpu load.
  • Fixed incorrect version number in firmware binary file in patch released on 9/19/11.
  • Improvements to the code for cutting circles.
  • Faster updating – this update along with all future updates to the Inspiration Creative Cutter should be significantly faster.
  • Circle cutting performance enhanced – True circles, especially small ones, will now cut much more accurately.
  • Fixes oval issues
  • Vectorization Enhanced – Vectorization or Auto-Trace has been improved to provide a much more accurate and cuttable trace of the vectorized artwork.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

  • Ftdi usb driver. version: 2.08.30
  • Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • NOTE: This driver is pre-installed by the Pazzles software. You will not need to download this driver unless you were directed to by tech support or the Inspiration is not seen by your system.