Inspiration_BoxIN THE BOX:

  • The Inspiration® Creative Cutter®
  • Inspiration Studio Pro 2010
  • 1 – Inspiration Adhesive Cutting Mat
  • 1 – Inspiration Universal Cutting Blade
  • Full Color Manual
  • 300+ Ready to Cut Images
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Access to Pazzles Craft Room


Each Inspiration is warranted against defects for one year. In addition every Inspiration® Creative Cutter® includes 90 days of phone technical support.  Use your technical support when you need it. If you need help right away, call our toll free number. For those who don’t need it right away, it’s still available when you do, because your 90 days doesn’t start until the first time you call us.*

* Technical Support calls are toll free in the US.


Adhesive Mat

Life: 25-75 sheets*
MSRP: $15.59/2-Pack of 12″x12″ Inspiration Mats

* Number of sheets varies depending on the type of material being cut, cut detail, and mat care.

Universal Cutting Blade

Life: Approximately 500 12×12 sheets*
MSRP: $11.99/2-Pack

* Actual lifespan depends on the material being cut and the cut detail.


21.25” (Length)  X  9.5” (Width)  X  7” (Height)


11.2 lbs. (Excluding AC Adapter)


12” x 12” using the standard adhesive mat.


12” x 24” using the optional 24” mat sold separately.


Up to .08” (2mm)* using the Pazzles Universal Cutting Blade.

* Actual cut depth is dependent on a number of factors including the density, hardness, and tensile strength of the material to be cut. Some thicker materials may require multiple passes.


50 unique pressure settings with the capability to apply more than 1000 grams of downward force*

* Maximum downward force dependent on a number of factors including the thickness of the material. Downward force measurements do not include the horizontal force capability measurements and therefore are not recommended as a means of direct comparison.


5 unique speed settings